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Snapchat Introduces Interactive AR Games Called Snappables

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As well as being able to use Snapchat for turning yourself into a dog and stalking your crush, you can now play their new AR experience, Snappables, with your friends. 

If you’re sat across from someone making weirder than normal faces at their phone, you can guarantee they’re trying out Snapchat’s latest interactive AR lenses.

The AR games and experiences are played in the Snapchat camera. Everything from facial expressions to touch and motion will control your character and help you beat your friends.

Snappables are the company’s first shared AR experience meaning you can interact with a friend on their phone. Although it’s possible to enjoy some of the games solo, Snappables have been designed to play and send to people to challenge them to beat your score or to go head-to-head with multiplayers.

On Wednesday April 25th, Snapchat launched the lens-based games. But, they also released this video helping you to realize just how ridiculous you’ll look to anyone not in the know:

Reshuffling Snapchat to Make Space for AR

Don’t worry, everything you love about Snapchat will remain. In fact, the company add in a blog post: “Snappables live right where Lenses do.” Regular lenses will be to the right of the camera button while Snappables are to the left.

“Fight aliens, start a rock band, play basketball, and more — together with your friends, no matter where you are,” Snapchat further adds in the post.

Other games include, fighting aliens and blowing kisses. But, every week new games will be released to keep you hooked. To start playing with friends, get the app update for both iOS and Android.

Although the games certainly look fun, could they also be a distraction from the fact that Snapchat could be trialling six second ads which you can’t skip (only in publisher made shows) next month?

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