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Fly the skies with Red Bull Air Race and DaydreamFly the skies with Red Bull Air Race and DaydreamStrategy Lead

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The Red Bull Air Race LIVE VR app uses real-time flight data directly from the pilot’s cockpit and re-creates the races in a 360° virtual reality experience. You can check out races that have already taken place, or join the action live during the upcoming Red Bull Air Race World Championship starting with Abu Dhabi on February 2, 2018.

The VR experience is powered by telemetry data like latitude, longitude, roll, pitch and airspeed to generate breathtaking perspectives and a live visualization of the pilots’ view onto an environment guided by Google Maps footage. You can also track the speed of the pilot and how much G Force they’re pulling.

To develop the experience, we worked with Red Bull Air Race to capture data from more than 40 flights at the 2017 World Championship season finale at the legendary Indianapolis racetrack in the US. At a dedicated Red Bull Air Race LIVE VR booth, more than 1,000 fans were among the first to virtually hit the skies. One of the highlights was the outstanding flight of Yoshihide Muroya from Japan, who set the track record in his final run on his way to being crowned World Champion 2017.

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